Welcome to Waghounds – where we believe secure and safe dog wear is vital for every adventure with your beloved furry companions! We're not just a brand; we're a vibrant community of dog enthusiasts who are passionate about innovating high-quality products. From durable collars to safe and secure designed harnesses. Dogwear that keeps your dog safe and secure during every adventure.

Behind the brand is Katie, our passionate dog enthusiast with a background in veterinary care. Her love for dogs and their well-being is at the heart of what we do. Katie's other great love is the great outdoors. You'll often find her exploring forests, hiking through the Yorkshire Dales, or embarking on waterfall adventures with her pooches. We're thrilled to have you join our dog-loving community!

We often encountered the challenge of finding a harness that met our needs and wanted something that would be durable, and capable of enduring all types of walks while being secure and comfortable. It was this need that inspired us to start Waghounds.

We designed a harness that incorporated a reflective strip for those early morning and night time walks, sturdy clips built to withstand strength, two robustly designed D rings, and a convenient handle for moments when you need extra control over your furry companion. We also wanted to make the harness suitable for head shy dogs, so added an extra clip for the neck.

Our Dogwear comes in different patterns and matching collars, leads and accessories. We are always looking to innovate new brand ideas and continue to build our brand for the better.

Our dog wear is crafted for the hills, moorlands, beaches, streets and home. Designed for muddy and rainy walks, as well as dry weather. Waghounds is dedicated to ensure your dog enjoys tail-wagging adventures, while providing you with peace of mind, knowing they're safe and comfortable wearing thoughtfully designed and tested dog wear.

Thank you for being a part of the Waghounds journey.